Three Season in two hours!

Eritrea is located at the highest landmass of the African continent. As a result the highlands of Eritrea have ameliorating climate conditions.

 Eritrea has a variety of climatic conditions. Asmara at 2,350 meters (7,700 feet) has a pleasant climate all year (average temperature of 16° Celsius (60° Fahrenheit)) and receives 508 mm (20 inches) of rainfall annually. The eastern coastal areas receive the unpredictable, “little rains” (belg) during October to March, while the other areas get “main rains” (kiremti) from June to September




Architecture in Eritrea

(Art Deco)

Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea, was an Italian colony between 1890 and 1941.

The city center was rebuilt in various styles during the colonial decades: Neo-Romanesque, Late Victorian, Art Deco, Cubist, Rationalist, Novecento and Neo-Baroque, among others.

This Modernist city in Africa was also a dream of Benito Mussolini, because he believed it would become the capital of the Second Roman Empire.




Archeological sites in Eritrea

(Eritrea has the second highest archeological sites in Africa)

The number of archeological sites in the country which was 45,000 previously has now increased to 80,000 thanks to the continued excavation activities undertaken to identify the nation rich relics, according to Dr. Yosief Libsekal, head of the Eritrean National Museum.

Eritrea ranks second after Egypt in Africa for its rich archeological sites and historical places. Noting that archeological sites and historical places in the country had not been properly explored due to successive colonial rule and wars